Haunted Trails is a terrific setting for your next outing or team-building experience.
We’ll raise your team’s spirit through a variety of fun and experiential exercises.
You’ll learn techniques to communicate more effectively, strengthen your team’s
web of influence and increase productivity.

Which “monsters” are hiding in your corporate closet?
Through humor, role playing, assessment tools and our park attractions,
explore the “monsters” hiding in your organization’s closet – and yours!
Who are your “Mummies” “Vampires” “Werewolves” and others?
Each style has its strengths and challenges and can impact your team’s
productivity and communications.

Other topics may include:

  • Improve the Decision-Making Process and Generate More
    Effective Results
  • Build Partnerships that Enhance Creative Solutions

Your program will be tailored to meet your goals, time constraints
and budget. Our standard team-building workshop requires a
minimum of 10 participants and includes 2 hours with a professional
facilitator, plus program attractions, games and lunch.

Call our Event Planning Department at 815.722.9923.