Race to the finish line on any of our three unique go-kart tracks! Allow your little ones to get behind the wheel for the first time on our Jr. Karts. Drivers of all ages will enjoy competing in 2-seater cars for first place on our over & under Trails Raceway course! (54″ tall to drive) Have a need for speed? Head on over to our Eagle Speedway track and experience thrilling turns and daring straight-aways! (58″ tall to drive)


In this high tech game of tag, everybody is it! Armed with your light phaser, enter a black-light battleground with your fellow teammates. Keep your head down and your eyes open, because in this game, the hunter also happens to be the hunted. A vibrating chest plate tells you when you’ve been tagged, and a computer records your score. When the match comes to an end, be sure to check the monitors outside to find out your score and see which team has won the victory! (48″ tall to play)


Put your putting skills to the test with your group as you go for that hole in one. Enjoy both of our two award winning 18 hole miniature golf courses that are both challenging and fun! Its a fantastic activity that all ages can enjoy together. We provide the ball and putter, you bring the awesome.


 An exciting thrill ride for all ages! The Tornado whirls and swings you through the air and all around. Major thrill-seekers who love going in circles, can also spin their cars to give themselves an even more intense ride experience. Must be 48″ to ride. Children 42″ to 47″ may ride with an adult.


This teacup ride will shake you down to your bones! Join your friends and spin to your heart’s content as the Bone Shaker takes you on a wild ride!  Enhance the experience by spinning your own teacup for that extra thrill! 36″ tall to ride.


Hold onto your stomachs! Kids of all ages will enjoy our Monster Hop ride! Sit tight as we test your love of heights combined with a variation of the fun of the classic drop! Must be 36″ to ride.


Hit a home run in our state of the art batting cages! Don’t worry about being out after 3 strikes, perfect your swing to a speed that is best for you, whether that’s slow, medium or fast pitch!